01. What kind of [material] is your dress made of?
02. We need to buy some art [materials] for my daughter's drawing class.
03. You can recycle various [materials] instead of putting them in the garbage can.
04. Comedian Bill Cosby wrote all his own [material] for his comedy monologues.
05. Some condominiums are experiencing problems because the [materials] used in the construction of the buildings were of low quality.
06. Her political career is somewhat limited by the fact that there is a widespread perception that she is simply not leadership [material].
07. The aborigines of Australia had an elaborate ritual life, supported by the world's simplest known [material] technologies.
08. He has collected a lot of [material] wealth during his lifetime.
09. LeCorbusier once stated that the [materials] of city planning are: sky, space, trees, steel and cement; in that order and that hierarchy.
10. Aluminum, glass, and paper are the three [materials] most easy to recycle.
11. Henry Ford once wore a suit and tie made from soy-based [material].
12. In size, [materials], and human labor, the Great Wall of China is the largest construction project ever undertaken by man.
13. Craig Kielburger once remarked that some children may have all they need [materially], but often they have no real direction, and very little hope.
14. Birds use many different [materials] to build nests.
15. Although much of our garbage contains valuable raw [materials], most of it is simply burned or buried.
16. Industry is now realizing that everything that is recycled reduces the expense of buying raw [materials].
17. When giving a presentation, use various kinds of [material], such as examples, statistics, pictures, to maintain audience interest.
18. He's a very [materialistic] person, and only thinks about cars and clothes.
19. Psychologists have determined that certain types of thinking processes increase the likelihood that [material] will be remembered later.
20. The quality of our ground water can be seriously threatened by the burial of waste [material].
21. This evidence is [material] to the prosecution case.
22. I'm sorry, but your opinion is [immaterial]; we are going ahead with the plan whatever you think of it.
23. The testimony was considered [immaterial] to the case because it was based on hearsay.
24. The police are asking for help from anyone who has evidence which may be [material] to the murder investigation.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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